Letter of Support: NTID Curriculum New Field of Study

NTID Curriculum Committee

The National Technical Institute for the Deaf

25 Andrews Memorial Drive 

Rochester, NY 14623


RE:  Letter of Support

       NTID Community Development and Inclusive Leadership

       Program Proposal



Dear NTID Curriculum Committee Members:


As the President for American Association of the DeafBlind, I am humbled to write this letter of support for the proposed Community Development and Inclusive Leadership program. This program would serve for the greater good in the long run fo students to be well-prepared and affluent to lead and grow in organizations such as ours, the American Association of the DeafBlind as well as the DeafBlind Division in National Association for the Deaf or amnng multitudes of statewide chapters serving the Deaf, Hard of Hearing and the DeafBlind. 


AADB is the national level organization and the cornerstone of community support providing education, resources, networking, and advocacy for individuals with dual sensory loss in vision and auditory capabilities.  In our organization for which is compiled with strong leaders who strive for community growth would appreciate for NTID to include a career pathway that carves aspiring leaders that would impact our unique communities. 

The proposed program ideally addresses the need for students to be more awaren and instill initative abilities if one would serve on our Board.  AADB primarily focuses on to uphold our strongest arm for gaining independence, communications and proper equal access to information and acquiring Accessible Providers also known as Support Service Providers.  I look forward to supporting LEAD interns in our organization and hope to elect LEAD graduates to improve the services and advocacy we provide. This degree behind the influence of teaching students is truly beneficial for the future for our different-abled citizens of all kinds, especially the DeafBlind. 

Sincerely Yours, 

Rene Pellerin, President 

American Association of the DeafBlind



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