December 2018 Edition

American Association of the DeafBlind

December 2018 Newsletter

(Note: news from each officer below)


Season’s Greetings from President René Pellerin: 

The board has been busy behind the scenes, finding ways to cut down AADB expenses.  Some examples such as putting all the web hosting materials into one host.  One of the committees is working hard to organize all  membership data to track you all efficiently in new database.  

As noted by Mindy Dill, our Vice President has accepted to chair the SSP committee.  We should see some action progress next year.  If any of you interested to help, please contact Mindy directly. 

We are happy to announce we have two board members in training to potentially do projects for AADB!  Best of luck to them!

Secretary, Tara has been handling information and referral contacts receiving good amount of inquiries for information which the Board collaborate in providing resources to the persons.

Treasurer Sarah Goodman has been busy with the transfer of duties and things are moving along.  Soon you should see some announcements such as members renewals and recruiting for new members.

May I suggest you all renew your membership dues before or on the day of  December 31, 2018. By doing this, you can claim your tax deductibles from AADB.  This holiday season is a time for giving and support.  may I encourage you, if your heart feels merry, to donate any amount to AADB. Our mailing address to submit your membership dues is below: 

248 RAINBOW DRIVE #14864

Livingston, TX  77399-2048


Thank you and Happy Holidays as well to ring in the new year! 


From Mindy Dill, Vice President and Committee Chairperson for Media and SSP Development: 

A survey recently was sent out in October to AADB members. The purpose of the survey is to guide us to choose which of primary goals to work on.  The survey included two key focuses:  the need to advocate establishment of SSP programs in States or hosting AADB conference. In result,  the  majority of members chose SSP as the main focus. Furthermore, an SSP committee has been formed. If this is your corner of interest to advocate, please email to join the team!


AADB website is currently back up and running. Our decision to transfer the system to a different network has finally concreted into Green Geeks webserver. We recognize our valued member, Randy Pope, for his devoted assistance in this transition.  it is always a work in progress as technology  and trends continue to evolve. So to speak, AADB is working on a separate trial of having our website to be fully accessible for Blind readers. This requires time and efforts by our two webmasters.  


Happy holidays to all! 


From Sarah Goodwin, Treasurer and Committee Chairperson for Fundraising: 

Membership fees dues are coming soon in couple of days! If you would like to have tax deductions, you can do that by December 31st.  It can be done by sending checks to our mailing address stated in the President’s section above or on PayPal found on AADB website. 

However, January 31st is the deadline to renew your membership standing and it would be good for your 2019 tax deductions as well. In addition, new can join at any time.   New or Renew, you will be making a big difference in AADB community!  Big Smile!   

How do I fill for the membership form? 

Click the link;  AADBMEMBERSHIP2018.pdf     


The instructions for the payment is on this link. Questions? please email Sarah Goodwin at  


Fundraiser Committee: 

Anyone is welcome to join and support with suggestions and ideas. to expand financial support. Also, interested  members can assist in the fundraising events! Don’t hesitant, come join the team by emailing the address below: 


  If interested to join, please email   

warm Wishes and Happy Holidays!


From Tara Invidiato, Secretary: 

Reporting in few items: 

1. Sarah and Tara worked together with AADB’s CPA to set new records for IRS purposes informing new Board changes. 

2. We provided series of resources to those seeking audio books as well Braille books. They are mostly accessed in their States’ libraries. 

3. A rehab employee sought out how to improve their daily living by having proper room arrangements and technology. An Serene Alarm system was referred to empower the consumer’s independence.

4. We have adjusted to reach out to lifetime members to become integrated with social media and listservs such as AADB-L. 

5. Some SSPS came forward seeking trainers to mentor their frugal programs. Some states still struggle in obtaining trained SSPS for DB consumers and the Board has been following with close eye. We referred local DB chapters to aid the seekers’ dedications. 

Merry Christmas and have Great Hanukkah! Be Well and many blessings! 

End article

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