April 2018 Edition

American Association

of the



President: Jenée Alleman-Goodman

Vice President: René Pellerin

Secretary: Christopher Woodfill

Treasurer: Mark A. Gasaway

Board Members at Large: Nicole Alleman, Mindy Dill. Steve Garrett, Sarah Goodwin, Tara Invidiato

March 2018

President’s Corner

By: Jenée Alleman-Goodman

Spring is here and before we know it, summer will arrive! The AADB board has been working on trying to make a smooth transition for the next board. As you all may have seen Jeffrey Bohrman’s messages to AADB-L, we have an upcoming election. I know and understand most people would love to see conferences hosted by us. However, the idea of a conference cannot be achieved unless more DeafBlind Americans, young or old, become active with the organization. Let’s use our connections to reach other DeafBlind people and encourage them to join AADB.

I wish all of the applicants to the board best of luck!


Advocacy Committee: René Pellerin, Chair

Since the last posting of the AADB newsletter, an update on H.R.620 is available. This bill concerns changes in the ADA and it passed the US House in February. However, the US Senate is currently lining up to block it, keep it from reaching President Trump’s desk. Read it at the link below:

Click to access 18.03.28%20-%20Joint%20Letter%20to%20Majority%20Leader%20Opposing%20H.R.%20620.pdf

Finance Committee: Mark Gasaway, Chair

Currently, AADB has a total of $126,355.51. The board would appreciate any help you, the membership, can provide to raise money for AADB. We have a PayPal donation button on the http://www.aadb.org website. We would value your monetary support!

Fundraising Committee: Sarah Goodwin, Chair

I hope you all had a wonderful spring break and St. Patrick’s Day! I am excited to announce that AADB has a new Fundraising Committee! I am the chairperson of the committee. I will be working to help AADB earn more profits so that we can support the DB community better. Without earned profits, it will be difficult for AADB to do sponsorships, plan and schedule in-person board meetings, plan conferences, or be able to travel for presentations relating to the needs of the DB community. Plus, there is a need to keep the AADB budget steady. I am asking for your help with fundraising to earn more profit for the AADB board to keep the organization going. AADB cannot survive without earned profits/funds. The profits can also be used to make the DB community stronger and more empowering. We have created a new Google Group for the fundraising purposes. If you are interested to join, please email Sarah Goodwin at segoodwin@outlook.com. We need your help with this endeavor. Thank you.

Media Committee:
 Mindy Dill, Chair

The media committee has continued to make changes to the AADB website. The logo has been changed to modernize the old logo by dropping the hyphen. This new logo is in a black font on a white background, American Association of the DeafBlind is spelled out in dome style, and the D and B letters are capitalized. This same logo has also been updated on AADB business page on Facebook. A current list of DeafBlind camps is on the website now. Please contact us if you want to add your camp information. The website changes are still a work in a progress so please bear with us.

Tidbits from Tara Invidiato:

AADB has signed on as a co-sponsor to a legislative bill that pertains to protecting guide, signal, and service dogs and includes severe penalties if there is any neglected injuries or death while on duty or off. This bill is issued from California on behalf of assemblyman, Tom Lackey. For more in-depth information of this bill, titled AB 1865, see the link below:


Tech Buzz: Word got out from Blind Bargains that a new 20 cell braille display is out for its innovative use. It’s called ORBIT READER 20. It’s also a simple notetaker similar to 40 cell Braille Edge but a lot smaller. American Printing House carries these devices and includes full description and prices in the link below:


Apps to Download: Check out new apps at your App Store if you haven’t done so! These are quite helpful in our everyday independence!

1. Seeing AI

2. Buzz Card Club

3. Tap Tap See

Woojer is a new device that translates sound to tactile sensation! This matchbox sized tech clips on to your clothing and delivers supersonic tactile senses for the user to feel when it picks up sounds. Read more from link below:

Enjoy your tech buzz!!!

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