August 2017 Edition

American Association
of the
DeafBlind (AADB)
August 2017 E-Newsletter

Board of Directors
Jenée Alleman-Goodman, President – North Carolina
René Pellerin, Vice President – Vermont
Christopher Woodfill, Secretary – New York
Mark Gasaway, Treasurer – Georgia
Board Members:
Nicole Alleman – North Carolina, Mindy Dill, – Alabama, Steven Garrett – Arizona, Sarah Goodwin – Texas, and Tara Invidiato – New Jersey

August 18, 2017

From the President:
Jenée Alleman-Goodman

Can you all believe it is August already?! Who is ready for crispy fall weather and the aroma of pumpkins and apples? I am! The AADB Board of Directors have been working very hard to push changes in every aspect of this organization. We have made progress on AADB’s website. We are looking into different ways to get revenue. In this newsletter, you will see the secretary’s highlights of the motions we have passed. We feel as if this will bring transparency to all of you.

Let’s all welcome Steven Garrett to the board! Welcome aboard, Steve, and thank you for your willingness to volunteer your time to help the AADB board.

Thank you all for reading the newsletter and we will release another newsletter in October!

Convention/Conference page:
By: Mark Gasaway

National Federation of the Blind (NFB)

In July, AADB Treasurer, Mark Gasaway, attended the National Federation of the Blind (NFB) convention in Orlando, FL as a presenter in the NFB’s DeafBlind Division. He presented with Kathy Gabry on the SSP survey they are working on to develop a curriculum and certification process for SSPs. Mark also presented with several other people on an air travel safety panel discussion and talked about his experience flying with his service dog and not having any difficulty doing so. While at the convention, Mark kind of ran into a cultural shock because so many blind folks were going every which way with only their canes to guide them. Many times blind people ran into him and his dog’s leg was run over by a blind man pushing a wheelchair with another blind person in it. The dog let out a loud yelp but otherwise was ok.

Overall, the convention was good and well planned.

AADB Secretary’s Motion Highlights for 2017:
Christopher Woodfill

January 21, 2017: I, Ryan Odland, move to amend the Conflict of Interest Policy with a detailed procedure to conduct discussion on a motion without the presence of those in conflict. Chris Woodfill seconded the motion. Rene Pellerin moved to table the motion until further notice. Mindy Dill seconded the motion to table. Vote to table passed with 7 ayes, 0 nays and 1 no-vote.

February 1, 2017: I, Mark Gasaway, move that the AADB Board of Directors accept Rene Pellerin as the new AADB Vice President, replacing the seat vacated by Jenee Alleman-Goodman, who is now President. Mark made the motion after Jenee revealed her preference that Rene Pellerin becomes Vice President. Mindy Dill seconded the motion. Motion passed. Six ayes, zero nays and zero no-votes.

February 3, 2017: I, Christopher Woodfill, move that we appoint Tara Invidiato to the vacant board position should she accept the offer. Rene Pellerin seconded the motion. Motion passed with seven ayes, zero nays and zero no-votes.

February 21, 2017: I, Nicole Alleman, move that the AADB Board of Directors approve the invoice from Labyrinth Inc. of $5,203.14 and give Mark Gasaway, AADB Treasurer permission to pay the bill in full. Mindy Dill seconded. Motion passed. 8 ayes with zero nays and zero no-votes.

March 12, 2017: I, Rene Pellerin, move to allow the treasurer to pay up to $900 to pay the CPA’s bill. Ryan Bondroff seconded. Motion passed. 7 ayes, 1 no vote and 0 nays.

March 29, 2017: I, Mark Gasaway, move that the AADB Board of Directors bring back the open board room and use it to conduct online business affairs in the form of doing motions and giving some basic operation information of AADB. Mindy Dill seconded. Motion passed. Five ayes, one nay and one no vote.

March 31, 2017: I, Rene Pellerin, move to withdraw the motion that was passed for the open board meeting room. Mark Gasaway seconded. Discussion went on and on. No vote. Motion failed.

June 29, 2017: I, Rene Pellerin, move to accept Steve Garrett to fill the board vacancy. Mindy Dill seconded. Motion passed. Seven ayes, no nays and no no-votes.

July 5, 2017: I, Rene Pellerin, move that AADB sign on the open letter to RID. Mindy Dill seconded. Motion passed. Seven ayes, no nay and no no-votes.

August 7, 2017: I, Tara Invidiato, move to have AADB accept and claim Mr. Bloom’s donation. Rene Pellerin proposed a friendly amendment to include paying all expenses for Jenee Alleman-Goodman to attend the court proceedings to claim the bequest. Mark Gasaway seconded. Motion ongoing.

Committee Reports this Cycle:

AADB Finance Committee:
Mark Gasaway, Chair

Some financial tidbits: AADB has a total of $135,562.01 in the bank as of August 15, 2017. AADB will soon have two active funds-generating buttons on the website. One is for donations only and the other will accept membership dues. These buttons will be connected to a PayPal account. The Finance Committee is going to look into other methods of fundraising activities for AADB as well.

AADB Media Committee:
Mindy Dill, Chair

The media committee has archived the old AADB Facebook group in order to use AADB’s new business page. Click “like” and “follow” our page if you haven’t done so! The AADB business page needs some editing here and there as it is still in progress.

The AADB website is currently undergoing some changes, so please bear with us on its “renovation.”

Website updates thus far:

* Updated “Individual” and “Organizational” membership forms
* Several links now direct consumers to AADB’s contact information
* A page titled “Minutes” will contain information from the AADB Secretary
* Check out the “About US” page to learn about the Board of Directors

Website updates in-progress:

* Donation page with two separate buttons – one for all donations and one for membership dues. At present, donations may be submitted through the “Membership” page
* The term ”Deaf-Blind” will be changing to ”DeafBlind” throughout the website

If there are any questions about website content or technical issues, please contact Tara Invidiato at Also, keep checking the website and AADB facebook page for periodical updates.

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