March Edition 2017

E-Newsletter of the American Association of the DeafBlind (AADB)

The American Association of the DeafBlind is the only non-profit national consumer organization representing the DeafBlind community in the United States. Our organization is led by and operates for the benefit of persons who have a combines loss of hearing and vision. We provide the DeafBlind community with a voice on the national level through advocacy, education, and information sharing. Members are DeafBlind individuals, family members, professionals, interpreters, SSPs, and anyone who is interested in supporting the DeafBlind community.


Executive Board:

Jenée Alleman-Goodman, President

René Pellerin, Vice President

Christopher Woodfill, Secretary

Mark Gasaway, Treasurer

Board Members at Large:

Nicole Alleman

Ryan Bondroff

Mindy Dill

Sarah Goodwin

Tara Invidiato

March 7, 2017

President’s Corner with Jenée Alleman-Goodman

Can you believe it’s March already?! Spring is almost here, and with it comes a sense of new beginnings and new growth. I feel the same way about our wonderful organization, and as your new president, I’m honored and excited to continue the work of AADB. Before you proceed with reading the newsletter, please join me in thanking Ryan Odland for his leadership for the past year. I will be sure to carry on the torch and try my best to continue the good work that AADB has done for the past 80 years

In this newsletter, you’ll see what the executive board and the board of directors have been doing. Although this newsletter is brief, we’ll be providing more information as time goes by and more tasks are completed. Our goal is to keep all of you informed as to what we have been doing.

So, as with the onset of spring, our board has renewed energy and industriousness. We’re eager to continue our work on the national level, bringing awareness to legislators on issues that promote equal access for each of our constituents. We also look forward to collaborating with each of you – our stakeholders – to continue raising awareness of the issues that impact the members of our community. We hope you’re ready to join us as we continue on this important mission.


AADB Advocacy Committee:
René Pellerin, Chair

This committee focuses on issues that require the need for advocacy.

Areas of concern:

– Identifying legislatures and members of the current federal administration to promote an agenda of equal access to communication, the environment, and transportation for people who are DeafBlind

– Continually reassessing funding projects that affect the DeafBlind population

– Sharing information with the DeafBlind community on important advocacy needs

AADB Finance Committee:
Mark Gasaway, Chair

This committee focuses on AADB’s finances and fundraising efforts.

Areas of attention:

– Fundraising strategies

– Record keeping

– Membership database

– Donations/Dues/Sponsorships

– Budget

AADB Law Committee:

Christopher Woodfill, Chair

This committee focuses on the organization’s laws, policies and/or procedures.

Areas of attention:

– AADB Bylaws – updated in September 2015

– AADB Policy and Procedure Manual – in the process of being rewritten

AADB Media Committee:
Mindy Dill, Chair

This committee focuses on different types of media and marketing.

Areas of attention:

– AADB Website – upgrade and redesign

– AADB Facebook page

– A new AADB logo has been designed by Deaf graphic artist Lauren Galgano from New Jersey

– Reviving and publishing The DeafBlind American in E-Newsletter format


AADB began in 1937 as the American League for the Deaf-Blind, and was incorporated in 1940 in New Jersey. It was originally a service organization to help set up homes for DeafBlind people. Later, it provided Braille to print and print to Braille transcription services, shopping services, and a Braille lending library. During the 1950s, it became a membership organization, and after various name changes, was renamed the American Association of the DeafBlind in 1979. AADB held its first convention in 1975 in Ohio. In 1984, AADB became a federal non-profit organization.

What is AADB’s mission?

The mission of the American Association of the DeafBlind is to represent the DeafBlind community through advocacy, education and networking.

What does AADB do?

– Advocate and outreach to businesses, legislators and government entities on behalf of DeafBlind individuals

– Publish The DeafBlind American newsletter

– Collaborate with the National Task Force on DeafBlind Interpreting (NTFDBI) and other organizations

– Host national conferences where DeafBlind people and supporters from all over the country meet

How is AADB funded?

Grants, fundraising activities, tax-deductible donations, and membership fees.

How many members does AADB have?

It is hard to determine an exact membership number but the most recent database has close to 100 paid members.

AADB’s membership is steady and you can help the organization grow and become stronger. To become a member or renew your dues, complete and return the Membership Form below.







Phone Text

MEMBERSHIP CATEGORY – Please circle one:


DeafBlind Non DeafBlind DeafBlind or Supporter

US Resident US Resident Non US Resident

MEMBERSHIP TERM & DUES – Please circle one:

1 year: $15 2 years: $25 3 years: $30 Lifetime: $500

Your Membership Dues $

Tax-Deductible Donation $ THANK YOU!

Total Payment $


c/o Mark Gasaway 3825 LaVista Road, W-2 Tucker, GA 30084

For AADB Use Only: Date Received Amt Received

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